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Mr. Storys previous experience as a prosecutor and his persistence with the DA on viewing an important part of evidence resulted in my Felony charge to be reduced to a Misdemeanor and deferred adjudication. He was very professional and kept me informed on how the case was going with the DA since it was reset several times. Going to be using his legal services for some personal documents and family matters.

Jose C.

I appreciate your assistance with my sons case; and your diligence in always responding to my phone calls no matter how often I called you. You are a man of integrity, although I never met you. Thanks so much.

– Lynetta

My experience retaining Mr. Story made an un-pleasant circumstances outcome pleasing. Mr. Story was upfront and honest from the beginning. He knew the law and the sentiment of the local system. He explained what he knew and how the issues could be worked. He communicated the patience and perseverance that would be required to allow the local system to function within itself, very well. He laid out a plan to achieve the required victory and worked diligently towards success. Mr. Story and his constituents acted very professional, respectful, honest, courteous, understanding and communicated very thoroughly throughout the entire event. Mr. Story got my case dismissed, just as planned.

– Eric Frieze

I recommend Mr. Jim Story to anyone who may be looking for someone to represent them in “any” criminal case. I was terrified of going to prison for something that I did not do, and Mr. Story fought for justice in my case right up to the day of trial when the DA dismissed my case! I was so relieved and happy. Mr. Story really helped me when I needed someone to believe in me, look out for my best interests, and be an attorney that doesn’t let the DA walk all over me. Jim Story’s help with my case has given me a renewed belief in our judicial system!

– Latrice Keller, Aransas Pass, Texas